Retrowave, loot, and two smoking barrels. 
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Huge flying tardigrada, living brain, big "Bro" boss.

Different bullets for different enemies. Use your brain before you shoot!

Costumes, weapons... And even your own post-apocalyptic loft!



Dualshot is a synthesis of genres roguelike and Top-Down-Shooter, adapted for the mobile platform. All mechanics are built around two bullets that are available to the player. Bullets in "Dualshot" ricochet from the walls, carry monsters of the skull and remain lying on the ground. The player's goal is to pick up the bullets as soon as possible and continue the battle.
Battles take place in procedurally-generated dungeons filled with various mobs. At the end of each level the player is waiting for the battle with the boss. Open new bullets, improve the characteristics of the hero, acquire new weapons and kill everyone who will resist you! In the gameplay make a variety of references to various iconic games and movies, and crush the enemy packs help special soundtracks in the genre of retrowave.


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